Mobile escape rooms for sale

What is the portable escape room and who are we?

The portable escape room is the next step from the popular escape games. We build the game inside a towable trailer that can be driven anywhere you want. Exitmobiil OÜ offers portable escape room games in Estonia. We are huge fans of escape rooms and we wish that the rooms we build would travel around and create excitement all over the world.

Start your own business.

Purchasing a portable escape room gives you a cheap and clever way to start a business. Portable escape rooms are not very common yet – there are several countries that have none. This enables you to be unique and grab a large share of the market. In our experience the customers break down as follows: 50% corporate events, 30% private birthdays and parties, 20% events of state authorities. Depending on the price policy it pays off to operate within 300-500 km. The payback period of the escape room is short; with good marketing and sales the breakeven point for the investment can be reached in just one summer!

Technical overview. Towable trailer           

Towing the trailer does not require a special permit as the weight of the trailer does not exceed 1300 kg.

The electrical system of the trailer is 12V/220V.

The games come with special instructions regarding how the games have been constructed and how to play them.

The escape room is complete with all the necessary devices and props.

The escape room has no linguistic or cultural peculiarities and is suitable in all countries.


18+ Mobile escape room (only for adults) 

18+ is a unique escape room with an erotic undertone. Exitmobiil OÜ describes the game as follows:

50 shades of grey? Nope, the reality. You have ended up in the bedroom of an extreme S and M fan. The room is crammed with sex toys, whips, leather masks and latex costumes. The scene is scary, but also arousing. The domina herself sits in the corner, cooking up plans for your endless torture – straight out domination. You are tied up and hopes for escaping are minimal. Can you use 3o minutes to break free from a seemingly hopeless situation or remain a slave until the end of your days?

For further information ask for pics and videos from the room.

Gas Chamber Mobile escape room              

You are in a room where many have been before you. The air feels dank and the walls are scarred by scratch marks. Your nose alarmingly recognises the smell of a previous gas attack. You have never heard of this, because no one has walked out of this room alive. In 30 minutes, gas will rush into the chamber and the amount of operational gas masks is zero. There is only one way to escape the deadly dose. Find the key that opens the door…


Conditions and price

The basic price is 17 000 € + VAT 20%

Game theme with props and devices, electrical system 220V, interior lighting, one-sided trailer.


Battery (game time ca 10h). 350€

Exterior lighting (LED). 250€

Air-conditioning, operates on 220V. 1500€

Transportation of the escape room to a location chosen by the buyer. Exitmobiil OÜ arranges transportation to a desired location, or the buyer collects the esape room themselves. Transportation cost depends on the buyer’s location.

Exterior design; if you like, we can also create and install the exterior design. Upwards of 700€.

Interior design; if you like, we can also create and install the interior design. Upwards of 1000€

Remote-controlled sound system. 300€

Interior camera + tablet computer on the exterior wall. 700€

Warranty 12 months. If anything breaks or if technology is faulty, the buyer can ask Exitmobiil OÜ for specific instructions within 12 months of the purchase. We shall replace the broken devices and mechanisms as necessary.

The maximum completion time for the escape room is 4 months.

The construction of the escape room begins after signing the purchasing agreement, upon the first payment.

The first payment is 50% of the total price of the contract.

The delivery of the room takes place upon payment of the total price of the contract.

For further information, questions and wishes feel free to contact us.

+372 55660970 

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